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Whether this is your very first Pokémon game or simply the newest one you've played, Pokémon Legends: Arceus offers an adventure like no other in the series. It breaks the typical Pokémon RPG mold by bringing us more fighting and catching option rather than just the turn-based battle system the series is known for. We've put together some useful Pokémon Legends: Arceus tips and tricks to help you get started.

Pick the right starter for you

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As with most Pokémon games, you get to choose between either a Fire, Water, or Grass starter. They all have strengths and weaknesses and form a rock paper scissors scenario against each other.

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Cyndaquil Gen IIA Fire-type mouse Pokémon that was first seen in Gold and Silver.
Oshawott Gen VA Water-type otter Pokémon that was first seen in Black and White.
Rowlett Gen VIIA Grass-type owl Pokémon that was first seen in Sun and Moon.

Not sure which one to pick? Some people make their decision based on their favorite type while others choose the starter they think looks the best. There's really no wrong answer here.

Understanding your Pokédex tasks

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Unlike previous games where the Pokédex gets completed after catching one Pokémon of any species, Legends: Arceus requires a bit more work. To get all of the data you need, you'll need to do one of two things. First, you can catch multiple of the same species while fulfilling specific requirements, like going undetected, catching an Alpha, or using a specific Poké Ball. The second method is to raise the Pokémon, have it learn specific moves, and have it evolve. Pay attention to the requirements in each entry to complete that page of the Dex.

This is a solo experience

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While it is possible to trade Pokémon with friends who also have their own copy of Legends: Arceus, this game can be completed without anyone else's assistance. That means you do not need to trade to make any Pokémon evolve. Additionally, there aren't any multiplayer battles or raid experiences.

Know when to use Agile Style or Strong Style

This game introduces a new move system. However, you only unlock it after you've mastered a move. This basically means you've leveled up your Pokémon or taken it to the Training Grounds. Once a move has been mastered, you can switch between its Agile Style and Strong Style by toggling the L and R buttons in battle.

  • Agile Style: Your Pokémon's attack speed increases, however, their power also decreases.
  • Strong Style: Your Pokémon's power increases, but their speed reduces.

Depending on the Styles and attacks you choose, you might be able to attack more than once in a row before your enemy does. The same goes for the other way around. You might get hit multiple times before you're able to land a hit.

For instance, if you're taking on a strong Pokémon and it's nearly defeated, you might want to quickly get in some Agile Style jabs to finish it off. If you believe you're strong enough to KO an opponent in only a few hits and don't think you'll be at risk of getting hit with quick attacks, go ahead and use that Strong Style. Keep in mind that using a Style costs more PP than usual, so keep an eye on how much you have left and plan accordingly.

Gather, craft, and expand your item slots often!

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This is a game that relies heavily on crafting, so always keep an eye out for items you can collect on your journey. Whenever you find yourself near craftworks, make sure to take advantage of it and craft all of the items and Poké Balls you need.

There's also a man named Bagin standing in the hallway at Galaxy Headquarters. You'll want to talk to this man often because you can pay him to increase your storage space by one slot. Doing this will make it easier to collect items and hold on to more crafted materials.

Complete sidequests to get items, materials, and even Pokémon

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There are 100 requests — or sidequests — available to you, and even more open up for you in the post-game. You'll want to complete them as often as possible since they reward you with recipes, Exp. Candy, special quest Pokémon, and other helpful items that you'll need along your way.

Talk to Zisu to learn new moves

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Zisu is a trainer you'll find at the Training Grounds. For a fee, she can help your Pokémon learn new moves or can make those moves even stronger. The more training badges you have, the more moves you can unlock and learn. You'll want to talk to her often to become more powerful.

Berries make for easy capture

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While hiding in tall grass, throw a berry out near a wild Pokémon and it will go to investigate it. Try to get behind the Pokémon while it's eating and then throw a Poké Ball for easy capture. All of the Pokémon in your party will earn experience points each time you successfully do this. This also works on some Alpha Pokemon, so try it out whenever you can.

Shiny Pokémon appear in the overworld

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Unlike most previous Pokémon games, you can actually tell if a Pokémon is shiny just by looking at it in the wild. Shiny Pokémon don't have better stats, but they're a fun way to show off since they have different coloring than normal. Just be aware that some shiny Pokémon look only slightly different than their usual coloring.

Have fun trainers!

Hopefully these Pokémon Legends: Arceus tips and tricks make the game a little easier to play as you explore and discover this new adventure. Remember that this game is very different from previous Pokémon games, so get ready for some things you've never seen before.


Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus promises to take the Pokémon series in a new, open-world direction. Not only is catching Pokémon more complex but you're tasked with completing the first-ever Pokedex!

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