Polaroid debuts new autofocus instant analog camera, Polaroid Now

Polaroid Now Brand Shoot
Polaroid Now Brand Shoot (Image credit: Polaroid)

What you need to know

  • Polaroid has announced a new camera and a brand overhaul.
  • Its new camera is an autofocus instant analog camera called 'Polaroid Now'.
  • Polaroid has also announced a new special edition instant film called 'Color Wave.'

Polaroid has today announced the final step in its brand revival, announcing a new look and feel as well as a brand new camera, Polaroid Now. Not only is Polaroid Originals now just 'Polaroid, there's a brand new camera to go with the rebrand!

In a press release Polaroid stated:

It's time for the next step in Polaroid's 82 year journey. Today, Polaroid Originals will mark its final chapter of its 2017 revival story, returning to its original name 'Polaroid' and unifying the brand to create products that inspire people to capture, cherish and share.To celebrate, Polaroid will unveil a fresh new look and feel for the decade, debuting with its new autofocus instant analog camera range, Polaroid Now. Launching on March 26, 2020, Polaroid Now presents an easier point and shoot camera for everyone. With a newly developed autofocus lens system, longer lasting battery, accurate flash and a friendlier more functional camera design - it has never been easier to snap the perfect Polaroid photo- whatever level your photography skills.

The Polaroid Now will launch for a limited time in Polaroid's iconic rainbow colors, red, orange, yellow, green and blue, as well as black and white.

Polaroid CEO Oskar Smolokowski said:

"In the 70's, Polaroid changed the rules of branding with the introduction of bold, full panel rainbow spectrums across our product lines, inspiring a host of legendary brands to this day. As this new decade marks a new chapter in the Polaroid story, it's a moment for us to celebrate that heritage, while keeping our sights set on the future. The new identity for 2020 reflects this, boldly reclaiming the color spectrum as uniquely Polaroid."

Polaroid has also announced a brand new special edition instant film, Color Wave:

The colorful new film features a host of hues, from moody blues to warming orange and red frames. Alongside this, the Color i-Type Film - Black Frame Edition will be available for the first time and will become a permanent fixture in the Polaroid product offering.

Polaroid Now's lens can automatically switch between distance and portrait formats and has a flash that will account for lighting conditions. The battery will get you through 15 packs of film. Polaroid also offered the following statement on the current global situation:

Polaroid, like so many others, knows how essential it is for people to stay positive and connected right now, so it has invited the community to join them online and take this time to reflect, inspire, create and connect. Over the coming weeks Polaroid will host an evolving program of creative content and ask fans to suggest ideas and share Polaroid photographs to help inspire as, for the time being, we settle into this new "at home" reality.In the background, Polaroid is continuing to work hard to bring people the joy of instant photography through new products and its existing range. This will continue for as long as items can be safely delivered to people's homes.

Polaroid Now is available from Polaroid's website for $99.99.

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