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Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer

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Polaroid Snap

The Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer is a slim and compact instant camera that's a great starting point for many. It shoots in three color filters, has the option for adding a classic Polaroid frame, and has a 10-second timer and a selfie mirror. It's designed to be held vertically, just like your smartphone, and you can use a microSD card up to 256GB in storage with it. The microSD means you'll have digital copies, but you won't be able to print those out later.

$90 at Amazon


  • Three color modes
  • Optional classic Polaroid frame for prints
  • Has selfie mirror and 10-second timer
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 prints
  • Comes in several colors


  • No indicator when out of paper
  • Flash is automatic
  • Can't adjust focus or lighting
  • Prints seem a bit slower than other cameras

The Polaroid Snap has a highly affordable price tag and gives you a good value for what you pay. It's slim and portable, fun to use, shoots in three color modes with the option to add a frame, and you can store digital copies on a microSD card. However, it only has a 10MP sensor and supports microSDs up to 32GB, which isn't a lot. The flash is also automatic, though it appears to be unreliable based on customer reviews.

$78 at Amazon


  • Shoots in three color modes
  • Self-timer and frame option
  • Can use microSD for digital copies
  • Comes in several colors
  • Has indicators for low battery, low memory, low paper


  • Only has a 10MP sensor
  • Supports microSD cards up to 32GB only
  • No manual flash setting

Both the Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer and Polaroid Snap are fairly similar to one another. However, in some ways, the Mint is definitely like an upgraded Snap, especially considering the price points.

Let's break it down

Blue Polaroid Mint Camera Printer on wooden table surrounded by printed photos of Christine ChanPictured: Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer

If you really look at these two cameras, it's like the Mint is an upgraded Snap. They both come in a slim and compact design, shoot in three color modes (color, black and white, and sepia), and have the option to add the classic Polaroid frame to printed photos. They both also support microSD cards, come in a variety of colors, and even use the same size ZINK paper.

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Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer Polaroid Snap
Price $90 $78
Dimensions 3 x 0.5 x 1 in 0.98 x 4.72 x 2.95 in
Design Slim and compact Slim and compact
Megapixels 16MP 10MP
Power Rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 prints Rechargeable lithium ion
Indicators Power on light Low battery, low paper, low memory
Flash Yes, automatic Yes, automatic
Paper 2x3" inch ZINK paper 2x3" inch ZINK paper
Colors Black, blue, yellow, red, white Black, sky blue, pink, purple, red, white, dark blue
Manual adjustment No No
Color modes Color, B&W, Sepia Color, B&W, Vintage
Selfie mirror Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes
Printed frames Yes, optional Yes, optional
Digital copies Yes Yes
microSD card Yes, up to 256GB Yes, up to 32GB
Lanyard Clear plastic Nylon

As you can see from the specs, the Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer and Polaroid Snap are very similar in terms of functionality. The benefit of having the Mint, however, is that you'll be taking better resolution photos with the 16MP sensor versus the 10 megapixels you get with the Snap. The Mint also supports microSD cards up to 256GB in size, whereas the Snap only goes up to a measly 32GB.

However, the benefit of the Polaroid Snap that there are light indicators that let you know when you're running low on battery, paper, and even memory. With the Mint, you'll need to remember how much paper you've used since there's no way to tell when it's about to run out. You'll also need to pop the microSD into your computer to see how much space is left.

Still, despite the flaws of the Mint, we think it's the better buy for people who want to check out instant cameras. The quality of the digital copies end up better because of the jump in megapixels, and you can store many more digital photos with it compared to the Snap. You'll get better quality pictures for not much of a jump in price.

However, if you want to spend less money and don't mind the loss in quality, the Snap is not a bad purchase. We just don't feel like the price difference is large enough to justify going for a model that won't take pictures as well.

Slim and fun

Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer

Affordable and packed with features

The Polaroid Mint is a great option if you are looking for a slim and compact digital instant camera. It can shoot in three color modes, gives you the option of adding a classic Polaroid frame on prints, has a timer, and a selfie mirror in the front lets you take perfect selfies. It also has a 16MP sensor and supports microSD cards up to 256GB in size. Photos are printed on ZINK paper, so you'll get clear and vivid prints.

Good on a budget

Polaroid Snap

Good entry point

The Polaroid Snap is a good entry point if you're on a budget and want a decent Polaroid instant camera. The sensor isn't as great as the Mint, but it still supports microSD cards, shoots in three color modes, can add a frame to your prints, and has a self-timer. Photos print out on ZINK paper, and there are indicators to let you know when you're running low on battery, paper, and space.

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