Instant Camera

Polaroid Snap

Mobile printer

Polaroid Zip

The Polaroid Snap is a basic instant camera that allows you to print photos as they're taken or save them to a microSD for later use.

$90 at Amazon


  • A simple-to-use instant camera
  • Includes a Photo Booth feature
  • Can use a microSD for storage


  • Can't print photos from your mobile device to the camera
  • Limited functionality
  • Prints 15-25 photos per charge

This mobile printer allows you to print photos from your mobile device through Bluetooth. It's not a camera.

$100 at Amazon


  • Fits in your pocket
  • Print any photo that's on your mobile device
  • Print 25 photos per charge


  • Not a camera. Only a printer
  • Fewer color choices
  • More expensive

If you're choosing between the Polaroid Snap and the Polaroid Zip, you should know first off that they're not the same kind of product. One is a camera and printer and the other is just a printer. That should make your choice easier, but if you're still not sure, keep reading.

Huge differences

The Polaroid Snap and Polaroid Zip essentially have two main things in common. First, they are both from Polaroid. Second, they use 2-by-3-inch ZINK Paper, which is an all-in-one product that requires no pesky film, ribbons, or ink. Beyond this, one of these products is a camera (that can print and store photos), while the other is a mobile photo printer.

Polaroid Snap Polaroid Zip
Weight 7.52 ounces 6.6 ounces
Colors 7 4
Charging time 2.5 hours 1.5 hours
No. of sheets it holds 10 10

Being an instant camera, you can use the Polaroid Snap to take photos immediately (between 15 and 25 sheets per battery charge). If you have a microSD card installed, you can also save the images for later use. If another device supports microSD, you can feasibly view and edit the photos from there. You can also print these photos when there's a printer attached. However, the Polaroid Snap is not a printer. You can't print images located on your iPhone, for example, directly on the camera. You can only store photos for later and print photos you take.

By contrast, the Polaroid Zip can print any images that are readily available from a Bluetooth-attached iOS or Android-based mobile device. In other words, you can snap a picture on your iPhone, for example, and print it out via the Polaroid Zip.

If you were to choose between the two, we would recommend the Snap since it's an all-in-one camera and printer. It holds the same amount of paper that the Zip does and comes in seven different colors, three more than the Zip. However, if you're looking for just a printer so you can print out photos from your smartphone or another mobile device, we'd recommend the Zip.

Entry-level instant printer

Polaroid Snap

Point and snap

The Polaroid Snap is a low-cost instant camera that allows you to take quick shots which are printed immediately on small pieces of Zink Paper.

Anywhere printer

Polaroid Zip

Print your photos from anywhere

Use the Polaroid Zip to print images from your mobile device. Any picture will do, not just those taken with a Polaroid camera.

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