Basic instant camera

Polaroid Snap

Polaroid snap

Turns your iPhone into a printer

Prynt Pocket

Prynt Pocket

The Polaroid Snap is a basic instant camera that allows you to print photos as they are taken -- just like the old-school Polaroid cameras of decades ago.

$90 at Amazon


  • A simple-to-use instant camera
  • Includes a Photo Booth feature


  • Can't print photos from your mobile device to the camera
  • Limited functionality

The Prynt Pocket connects directly to your iPhone, allowing you to print photos as they are being taken or those already on your iPhone.

$120 at Amazon


  • Print any photo, even those on social networks
  • Includes unique video feature


  • Only compatible with iPhones
  • Pricey


The Polaroid Snap is a simple instant camera that automatically prints photos as they are taken. The Prynt Pocket allows you to print images from your iPhone and social networks. Both use the same 2 x 3-inch Zink Paper.

Polaroid Snap Prynt Pocket
Paper Zink Zink
Colors 7 4
Weight 7.52 ounces 5.8 ounces
Video capabilities No Yes

If you're an iPhone user, you should purchase the Prynt Pocket, not the Polaroid Snap. The former allows you to print any photo that's on your iPhone using the same paper found on the Polaroid camera. And with the Prynt Pocket, you're using your iPhone's camera to take the snaps.

Bonus: Prynt isn't just a printer; with a free app you can add a video to your Prynt and watch it come to life.

If you still want an actual instant camera, the Polaroid Snap comes with a few features worth considering. The compact device features multiple modes, border options, a self-timer, a photo booth, and other extras. Regardless, both products have made our list of the best instant cameras of the year.

Limited use

Polaroid Snap

Retro time

The Polaroid Snap is a good choice for anyone who wants to start taking instant photos. However, it doesn't come recommended for iPhone owners who should purchase the slightly more expensive Prynt Pocket.

Lots of uses

Prynt Pocket

Prynt Pocket

Unique and worth your time

Both of these products allow you to take 2 x 3-inch Zink Paper prints. Only the Prynt Pocket uses your iPhone camera. It's also the only product out of the two that will print your existing photos with ease.

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