Poll: How do you feel about the name 'iPhone 13'?

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It might sound wild to some, but the idea that Apple is fast approaching the launch of an iPhone 13 is a problematic prospect for some. And it's not because they're worried about rumors of a 120Hz display, larger batteries, under-display Touch ID, or indeed any other feature. In fact, it seems a lot of people are genuinely concerned about the notion of 'iPhone 13' because of the number 13's unlucky connotations and superstition, as well as a genuine phobia.

From one of our most popular stories this week:

Anew report claims that 74% of people asked about the iPhone 13 name said that they didn't like it and that this year's iPhone should be called something else.According to the 3,000 iPhone and iPad users surveyed by SellCell, the number 13 is problematic due to either being superstitious or suffering from triskaidekaphobia – the fear of number '13.'

According to SellCell 1-in-5 surveyed users identified as triskaidekaphobic, having a genuine fear of the number 13 that would put them off buying an iPhone 13. Yet a massive 74% of those asked said they would prefer the iPhone to have a different name, suggesting many would be wary for reasons pertaining to superstition, or perhaps because they're just bored of the current iPhone naming convention.

This isn't the first time we've heard this notion. We're expecting the 2021 iPhone to be a more subtle 'S' upgrade, but even next year we've heard that iPhone 13 might not make it market, from leaker Jon Prosser:

Prosser has revealed in his latest video that we may never get an iPhone called 'iPhone 13' because of the "negative connotations" that surround the number. From his latest video:But that's not all, I was also told that we probably won't ever get an iPhone 13. I dunno if you know this, but elsewhere 13, the number 13 has a bunch of negative connotations along with it... it's bad luck. So it probably is iPhone 12S and there won't be an iPhone 13.

That's where our poll for this week comes in, how do you feel about the prospect of an iPhone '13', would you be wary of buying it? Or are you not at all fussed? Maybe you'd like to see a different name like simply iPhone or iPhone 2021, whatever your thoughts, make them known below!

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