Polytron brings the 2012 hit indie title FEZ to iOS!

When I woke up this morning, I didn't expect such great news! Polytron teamed up with Blitworks to bring the smash indie hit FEZ to iOS, and it's everything I have always wanted.

Mobile makes sense

FEZ Pocket Edition has been a long-time coming. Heck, there were even rumors way back in 2012 when the console and PC versions launched that suggested the title would make its way to the mobile world. While I don't think every console game that can be ported to mobile should be ported to phones, I have always believed that FEZ would make an excellent mobile game, and I'm happy to be proven right.

Even after only playing the game for a little bit this morning, I already know it's the next game I'm going to sink all my hours into — and I've already beaten this game on the PS4! The classic 8-bit graphics, the simple mechanics, and the great soundtrack all make this game a mobile game to

Beautiful flow

While the GIF above doesn't show it off perfectly, this game is buttery smooth on my iPhone 8 Plus. The ionic gameplay of the original FEZ remains intact, meaning the entire game flow so effortlessly and it's easy to get lost in the bright colors and cute little characters the game offers.

Worth every penny

This is precisely the type of game I like supporting. Although it's a few years old and it's a port, FEZ Pocket Edition is a full game and you won't feel like you have been ripped off for spending $4.99. The graphics are gorgeous, the controls are simple and intuitive, and everything I loved about the original remains intact.

Whether you have never played FEZ before or you want to experience the wonderfully charming indie game all over again, FEZ Pocket Edition is a great download for any gamer!

Luke Filipowicz
Staff Writer

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