PopSockets launches new PopPower Home Wireless Chargers at CES 2020

PopPower Home Wireless Charger
PopPower Home Wireless Charger (Image credit: PopSockets)

What you need to know

  • You don't need to remove your PopSocket PopGrip to wirelessly charge (except metal ones).
  • Provides 15W of power and supports Apple and Samsung fast charging.
  • Also works with AirPods.
  • Available now for $60.

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PopSockets, the company known for expandable phone grips that stick on to the back of your phone, just launched new PopPower Home Wireless Chargers at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you've ever wanted some razzle dazzle with your wireless charging pad, then this is the product for you.

PopPower Home Wireless Charger

PopPower Home Wireless Charger (Image credit: PopSockets)

If you have ever used a PopSocket PopGrip, then you may know that it's a bit of a pain if you want to wireless charge your phone. The process would involve removing the PopGrip or phone case that it's attached to, and then place it on your wireless charger. But fear not! Those days are gone if you pick up the PopPower Wireless Charger.

The PopPower Wireless Charger has a recessed space in the middle of the charging pad so you can charge up without having to remove your PopGrip. Just place it down and your phone will start charging. The wireless charger provides up to 15W of charging power, and has a dimming LED so it doesn't disturb your sleep. It's compatible with both Apple and Samsung fast charging, and it can also be used to wirelessly charge your AirPods or AirPods Pro case. The PopPower can still charge your phone with a case on, up to 5mm thick.

PopSockets provides a 6-foot charging cable with a high-power AC adapter with the PopPower, which should be plenty of leeway between your nightstand or desk and the outlet.

PopPower Home Wireless Charger

PopPower Home Wireless Charger (Image credit: PopSockets)

It's important to note that the PopPower Wireless Charger won't work with every PopSocket Grip out there. It will work with most PopSockets PopGrips, except for the metal PopGrips. There are also PopGrip Lips, which contain lip balm, so that would just turn into a mess. If you want to use it with one of those, then you need to remove the PopGrip first. This is done by closing the grip so that it's flat, pressing down, and then twist it 90-degrees to remove.

For the PopWallet or PopWallet+, it's also recommended to remove those before using the wireless charger. That's because exposure to wireless charging can de-magnetize credit cards.

PopPower Home Wireless Charger is available right now from the PopSockets website for $60.

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