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What you need to know

  • PopSockets is launching a new product called PopSockets Nails.
  • PopSockets Nails have about 15 different designs spread out in Standard and Premium Collections.
  • The kits cost $15-$20 with the PopGrip, or $10-$13 without.

PopSockets are launching a new product today, which are sold exclusively online at PopSocket Nails. That's right — now your nails can match your favorite PopGrip, which have become rather ubiquitous in the world of mobile phone grips.

PopSocket Nails is the first press-on, ready to wear instant manicure adhesive kit that will coordinate perfectly with the matching PopGrip, which is included in the kit. The nails themselves are designed to last at around five days, but could be longer, depending on care. A kit contains 30 nails, one matching PopGrip, a prep pad, manicure stick, and mini nail file.

Rose Gold PopSockets NailsSource: PopSockets

The process for applying the press-on nails is simple: finding the right nail size, peeling the liner, and press it onto your nail. Of course, you will want to do standard manicure steps, such as pushing back the cuticles, to make the manicure look better and last longer.

Blue Nebula PopSockets NailsSource: PopSockets

The PopSocket Nails will come in Standard and Premium Collections, each one having its own set of unique designs. Standard collection kits costs $15, while Premium kits are $20. The Premium Collection contains some of PopSocket's "premium material" PopGrips, hence the higher price.

Some of the designs in the Standard Collection include Nebula (also has a matching face mask, Starry Skies, Daisy, and more. The Premium Collection has designs like Neon Coast, Rainbow Flair, Shimmer Shift, and Rose Gold.

If you're interested in the press-on nails, but don't need a PopGrip, PopSockets is also selling the nails themselves. The cost of the press-on nails are $10 for the Standard Collection and $13 for Premium.

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