Powerbeats 4 at WalmartSource: Eddie Wap

What you need to know

  • Powerbeats 4 have been unofficially confirmed.
  • A Walmart in New York began selling the unannounced headphones.
  • Features include 15-hour battery life and colors in black, white, and red.

Apple has been long rumored to be releasing a new version of its Powerbeats wireless headphones. From an FCC approval back in February to leaked product images earlier this month, it's been safe to say that the release of these headphones is imminent.

It's been so imminent that one Walmart in New York has decided to forgo Apple's official announcement of their release and start stocking their shelves with the new models early.

One Apple fan posted a photo of the new Powerbeats 4 headphones at a Walmart in Rochester, New York, understandly perplexed as to why they were already there.

The headphone's packaging boasts a 15 hour battery life and three colors: black, white, and red. These colors seem to confirm the validity of the leaked product image report earlier this month. The longer battery life is also expected as the headphones are expected to feature Apple's H1 chip, which boosts battery life and enables addtional features like "Hey Siri" and "Announce Messages".

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The Powerbeats found in New York were being sold for $149, a $50 price drop from the current $199 retail price of the Powerbeats 3. These headphones, however, have been commonly on sale for as low as $99 in recent months.

Third party retailers have been known to slip up and put an unreleased product on their shelves before. Now that we know that stores are actually receiving the headphones, we should hope to see an official release from Apple in the coming days.

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