Powerbeats3 in blackSource: Beats

What you need to know

  • Evidence found within iOS 13.3 hints at the release of new "Powerbeats4" headphones.
  • The headphones are expected to gain "Hey Siri" and "Announce Messages" support.
  • Powerbeats4 should replace Powerbeats3 as the new headphones under the Powerbeats Pro.

Apple appears to be close to releasing a new version of Powerbeats, most likely Powerbeats4, according to evidence uncovered in the release of iOS 13.3. Reported by 9to5Mac, strings within iOS 13.3 make reference to the new version of the headphones as well as describe new features that the device will receive.

One of those features will be "Hey Siri" support, allowing owners of the headphones to simply say "Hey Siri" to activate the assistant as opposed to needing to click a dedicated button like on the existing Powerbeats3.

Powerbeats3 in blackSource: Beats

The change indicates that the Powerbeats4 will get an upgrade from the W1 chip to the new H1 chip, Apple's dedicated chip for its headphones. The H1 should not only bring "Hey Siri" functionality to the Powerbeats4 but potentially the new "Announce Messages" feature as well. The feature, which was released in iOS 13.2 this fall, makes it possible for Siri to read your incoming messages. It is currently available for the Powerbeats Pro and Beats Solo Pro, as well as the 2nd generation AirPods and AirPods Pro, but it looks like the new Powerbeats will receive the feature as well.

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The biggest difference between the upcoming Powerbeats4 and the already available Powerbeats Pro will be that the Powerbeats4 should retain the wire that connects both earbuds together, whereas the Powerbeats Pro will retain its crown as the only "truly" wireless Beats headphones. The Powerbeats4 should also retain the current pricing structure of the Powerbeats3 at $199 and, if you want true wireless, you can upgrade to the Powerbeats Pro for $249.