Ipod Classic Ssd Upgrade ScreenshotSource: DankPods

What you need to know

  • The iPod Classic shipped with a miniature spinning hard disk.
  • But it was slow and noisy and bad.
  • So watch and laugh this Australian does the only logical thing – puts transplants an SSD into an iPod Classic.

The iPod Classic was officially killed off almost six years ago and I still mourn its loss. That click wheel, Dock connector, awful spinning hard disk. It's just all a reminder of the pre-iPhone age. And while Apple did have some iPods with flash storage, the Classic never got it because it was the iPod for those with huge music libraries. And flash storage was expensive, of course. That isn't really the case in 2020 so why not put an SSD into an iPod Classic?

Well, for starters, it'll probably draw blood for reasons you'll see in this video. But apart from that, it's a damned fine idea!

At a little more than 16 minutes long you might be forgiven for thinking that the idea of watching someone take an iPod apart isn't a fun way to spend your time. But you'd be wrong, thanks in part to the way the Australian doing the work keeps things ticking along. Maybe the Australian/British sense of humor won't translate – let me know in the comments – but I chuckled way more than I do when I watch most iPod videos!

Not that I watch a lot of them. Of course. I'm not that weird.

OK, maybe I am. Anyway, check out the video. It's awesome. When you've done with this video, check out the same person putting 1TB of storage into another iPod Classic – you know you want to.