The Princess Guide for Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know

No, it's not The Princess Bride. The Princess Guide is a game not about rescuing one princess, but about teaching four how to fight, protect, and rule their respective kingdoms in the face of an external threat. With four princesses to choose from and a mix of combat and visual novel components, your decisions in each may affect how your princess grows into leadership.

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Here's what we know so far about The Princess Guide for Nintendo Switch

What is The Princess Guide?

The Princess Guide is a single-player action RPG from NIS America that puts the player in the shoes of an Instructor to one of four princesses from four different kingdoms in the world of the Relic Islands. You'll train the young woman in military maneuvers and combat, but also praise or scold her as she makes decisions with your guidance shaping what kind of princess she becomes. Depending on which princess you choose, how the battles go, and how you instruct her, her ultimate reign may change.

Who are the princesses?

Throughout your journey across the Relic Islands, you'll guide four different princesses as they become stronger leaders and warriors both on and off the battlefield.

  • Liliartie - Known as the Warrior Princess, Liliartie is a powerful fighter who is always cheerful, but with great energy comes great appetite. Liliartie loves to eat, which explains her passion for food and goals to feed the hungry of the world.
  • Veronica - Veronica is the Witch Princess, a magic user with a fiery personality. Brash and bold, Veronica wants to conquer the world, but she may just have the magical talent and prowess to pull it off.
  • Monomaria - Full of chivalry and honor, Monomaria is the Rose Princess and a noble at heart. She can be stiff, but beneath her stern exterior she truly wants to help those in need by ending poverty throughout the world.
  • Alpana - Alpana is a princess of deep faith. Known as the Dragon Princess, she is a wise and peaceful person who wants to spread the good word of her religion all over.

How do you play?

The Princess Guide has multiple components. Between battles, there are visual novel dialogue sections where you can speak with your selected princess and hear her thoughts, actions, and goals. Depending on what she does, you can praise or scold her, which will affect her future decisions and fighting capabilities.

You will also instruct your princess in battle in a mix of action and strategy components. The battlefield is top-down, with you controlling both the princess herself and members of her army, which appear to be customizable based on the trailers. You'll move around the battlefield and be able to target and attack enemies with each princess' unique abilities. The praise and scold options also appear in battle, and can enhance a princess' abilities during fights depending on how you use them.

When can I play?

The Princess Guide is planned for release on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2019. It will cost $39.99.

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Need guidance too?

If you, like the princesses, need help or have questions, ask what you want to know about The Princess Guide in the comments below.

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