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I don't know who needs to see this, but here goes – you don't need to feel bad if you can't close your activity rings when you're on lockdown or practicing social distancing.

We've spent the last five years being told that we should worship our Apple Watch and the Activity app. We should close all of those colored rings to make sure we stay fit and healthy. And that's largely correct. In normal times.

But these aren't normal times. Far from it.

If you're anything like me you spend far-too-many-hours sat in front of a computer. That doesn't help, but now we can't even go for a walk or run without being told we're too close to someone or that our trip outside isn't necessary. Small things like leaving the house to pick up the dry cleaning, call at the library, or buy a magazine – we aren't doing that anymore and, as a result, we aren't getting the steps in. And....that's fine.

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I'm not saying we shouldn't self isolate here. Far from it. Staying home is the responsible thing to do and it's the only way we're going to beat coronavirus, at least for now. And it's the best way to make sure those of us with weak immune systems or underlying health conditions aren't put at undue risk, too. All of that is absolutely right, there's no doubt about that.

Which, again, is why we shouldn't put ourselves under too much pressure here. Our activity rings can wait. They aren't important.

Give yourself a break! There are enough reasons to be down right now without an inability to close three colored rings being one of them.

Stay safe, folks. ❤️