How to put on (and take off) an Incipio Destroyer case for iPad

The Incipio Destroyer Case for iPad is a cute name for something that's supposed to protect your precious iPad, but protect it does. Like a tank. Seriously. It bloody well comes with a tool to secure it on and off! Does that make it difficult? Not really. I found it rather intuitive actually.

Check out the video above to see me give a try, and there are a few pictures of the final results, after the jump!

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  • Sorry but any case that needs directions other than "put it on" = "No Sale".
  • @hungwell2 any case that doesn't protect your device=no sale
  • No more reviews in the can please, sound really echoed. Plus, it's just gross. BTW, tell Renee to spring for a new sweatshirt for you...
  • I'm with dc. Doing the review in the bathroom is just weird. Also, when you're in there and say "this tool", it sounds like "the stool".
  • Nice case, but (when I get my iPad 2.0) I'll pass. Sorry, but I just like bare metal and glass...
  • i'm guessing all these videos were shot on the same day (i.e. renting mr. camera man for a few hours)
  • why does every video have to start with her showing her face. might as well rename all the videos to "whatsherfacewhothinksshespretty will show you how to __________"
  • Six for sure, with a possible total of 8.
    on a side note, a camera tripod would be a great investment. the video appeared to get a tad shaky towards the end.
  • she stays wearing that superman Tshirt..
  • Unless the screws stay in via a rubber washer, they coulb be lost. It does look nice. If you misplace the Allen wrench, and don't have a set, you are out of luck.
  • Looks like a man job to me...
  • I love this site, the info and the videos. They are informative. Why ya'll hating? Sounds like jealousy or something.
    Good stuff, thanks. Keep it up Tipb!!
  • Nice vid, but the case looks to be too much of a pain. I don't get the Georgia hate either, people have some crazy high standards to not think she's pretty. She may not be un-effing-believeably gorgeous, but then again, who is without extensive photoshopping.
  • I highly doubt they hired a camera-person...considering most of the writers use Mac, I bet at least all of them know how to effectively use iMovie...right? And who else wants iMovie for iPad?