Puzzle games for the Nintendo Switch similar to Lumines Remastered

Lumines Remastered came out on the Nintendo Switch, and it's a definite hit with puzzle fans. After all, who could resist an awesome dance party mixed with Tetris-style puzzle fun?

If you enjoy Lumines Remastered, but need a break from it every so often (you don't want "Shinin" stuck in your head do you?), don't worry! There are plenty of other games similar to Lumines that are available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Puyo Puyo Tetris

We already described Lumines as a "musical Tetris" in my review, so it's only fair that we include Puyo Puyo Tetris in this compilation.

With Puyo Puyo Tetris, players find a mashup of two classic puzzle games: Tetris and Puyo Puyo from SEGA. Puyo Puyo Tetris presents both slime pieces and standard tetriminos on alternating boards so it's a colorful and flashy fast-paced frenzy.

There are several game modes in Puyo Puyo Tetris, from the single player Adventure and Arcade to various local split-screen multiplayer and online modes. With the game jam-packed with so many ways to play, you're definitely not going to get bored.

Regardless of which mode you choose, Puyo Puyo Tetris' premise is easy: match up pieces to form complete lines or clusters of like-colored slimes. Doing so racks up points, and in the battle modes, throws wrenches in your opponent's plans. It's incredibly fun and hard to stop once you get going.

It's hard to go wrong with this classic!

Breakforcist Battle

Even though Lumines falls mostly under the puzzle genre, I'd still also consider it an arcade game because you'll play until its game over. That's why I'm including Breakforcist Battle — plus it has an awesome soundtrack, just like Lumines.

This is definitely more of a Brick Breaker style game, but with adorable and charming visuals and an upbeat, quirky EDM soundtrack. Trust me — this isn't your typical Brick Breaker game.

Originally, Breakforcist was an iOS game with just a single player mode. Breakforcist Battle ups the ante with a fierce and competitive battle mode for up to four players. Believe me, things get insane in this game, so it'll feel like a battle.

The goal's pretty basic: clear out all of the breakfast food pieces from the screen by hitting them with the ball. But watch out for those possessed breakfast foods, because an evil spirit's floating around causing chaos! Get rid of the demonized foods by exorcising them with your ball. There's plenty of power-ups to collect and give you some stylish flair while clearing the screen.

It's simple but quite addictive once you start playing. Definitely a hidden gem in the eShop.

$9.99 - Download Now


When you think about it, Lumines' a fairly unique puzzle game, so naturally, you'd probably want something else that's original too. That's why you should grab Tumblestones.

Tumblestones takes the typical match-three genre and turns it into more of a puzzle with definitive solutions that you must look for. There's also plenty of humor and silliness involved, like how you play as a sausage. Yes, that's right — as you unlock various king and queen characters, you'll also get a playable sausage character. How can anyone say no to a game that features a sausage character?

The objective in Tumblestone is easy: you'll need to match up the tumblestones by selecting the ones you want one-by-one from the top of the screen until you've got three like-colored blocks. However, you can only pick off tumblestones from the bottom and work your way up to the top of the screen. With this in mind, matching up three like-colored blocks involves planning ahead, as you must think about the upcoming blocks in each column. One wrong move could mean failure.

Tumblestones packs in a rather lengthy single-player campaign to keep you entertained. However, the real fun with Tumblestones lies within the multiplayer and arcade modes, which bring fierce and competitive block-matching action.

Tumblestone bills itself as "the first original action-puzzle game of the past 15 years," and we can definitely see why.

$14.99 - Download Now

Battle Chef Brigade

Do you enjoy matching puzzle games, cooking delicious food, and battling monsters to cook up said food? Then Battle Chef Brigade's the game for you!

Battle Chef Brigade's mashup of RPG and cooking puzzles is quite a tasty combination. Players find themselves in the fantasy world of Victusia, where the legends of the Battle Chef Brigade come to life. The Brigade's a group of elite cooks who skillfully take down monsters and transform their kills into tasteful dishes.

With Battle Chef Brigade, players traverse through a storyline and start from the bottom up. The game itself is divided into two parts for each stage: the hunting and then the cooking. You're pitted in competitions with other cooks in order to come up with the best dish from your chosen ingredients.

To get ingredients, you'll venture outside of the kitchen and into the wilderness to fight some monsters and gather up any fruits, vegetables, and other seasonings. Then you bring your bag full of ingredients into the kitchen and do the cooking.

The cooking part involves selecting the ingredient you want, which then becomes a 2x2 square of colored orbs (green for earth, blue for water, and red for fire flavors). You'll need to "stir" (essentially rotate) and move these pieces on the board to create squares from like-colored orbs. These matches merge and become a singular orb that's higher in level, and the cycle continues. The more higher-tier orbs you have in your dish, the more flavorful it becomes.

Battle Chef Brigade has proven itself to be a creative mix of genres and the puzzles themselves are challenging. Truly one of the best puzzle games you can get on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

$19.99 - Download Now

Sushi Striker: The Way of the Sushido

If you can't get enough food-related puzzle games, then Sushi Striker: The Way of the Sushido is another must-have.

In a world that has outlawed sushi, you'll find intense sushido battles with the tyrannical Empire. As a sushi striker, you'll encounter sushi sprites that aid you in battle with powerful skills, and get stronger by leveling up from experience points earned in battle.

Sushi Striker's game mechanics are interesting, and once you get used to them, the game becomes hard to put down. Battles take place on a screen with multiple conveyor belts of sushi. You must match up like-colored plates of sushi on your half in order to fill up your sushi sprites' skill gauges and fling those plates at your opponent to dish out damage. It's fast, frantic, and battles may turn chaotic quickly as you rush to knock your opponent's health to zero before they do the same to you.

With Sushi Striker, there are a ton of sushi sprites to collect and upgrade, items to equip that increase your power, and a ton of sprite combinations to explore for the best playstyle. And since you'll probably want to earn the best grade on each battle, the replay value is fairly high.

Whether you're a sushi fan or not, Sushi Striker's a fun and addictive experience.

$31.99 - Download Now

Enjoy puzzles that think outside the box

Lumines Remastered's a great rhythmic puzzle game on the Nintendo Switch, but these are also great games to consider picking up if you're a Lumines fan.

Have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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