Apple Car sensors

What you need to know

  • Quanta is reportedly providing Apple with "autonomous driving solutions."
  • Apple has been working on self-driving tech for considerable time.
  • The report comes from DigiTimes, so there's that.

Apple is reportedly continuing to work towards some form of self-driving car technology with DigiTimes (via MacRumors) reporting that Taiwanese firm Quanta Computer is helping out.

The paywalled site says that Apple is also expected to be on the lookout for more partnerships in this venture, with Quanta one that is supplying "autonomous driving solutions" already.

With the test of its autonomous vehicle, Quanta is now able to prove its ability in designing an autonomous driving platform, which is expected to assist the company to obtain more partnerships, said the sources, adding that Quanta is currently one of the suppliers of Google's and Apple's autonomous driving solutions.

Quanta has already said that it has tested such technology on closed tracks in the United States in order to "prove its ability in designing an autonomous driving platform." With Quanta refusing to say what tests were carried out or what vehicle was used it's possible Apple was involved somewhere along the line.

Rumors of an Apple Car have been abound for years with Project Titan also reportedly having pivoted to a focus on autonomous technology rather than an actual vehicle. It's been a while since we heard anything about Project Titan, and given the notoriously hit and miss history of DigiTimes we can't be at all sure about this report, either.