Quick App: Coffee Buzz=coffee+twitter

Coffee Buzz is a fun little coffee app for $.99 from the App Store. If you like coffee, location services and twitter, this is a great tool for you!

Coffee Buzz works like this: you have a list of people everywhere and nearby that are drinking coffee. You can tap on their name and the app will tell you where they are and what they drank. One of a couple of the nice enhancements in the new version is that you can create your own coffee drink and edit a location name. You can also use the app to search for local coffee places. So, if you are stuck somewhere and need a coffee fix, this is a handy app! It links the phone number, address and Google Maps; very convenient.

Do you use twitter? You can enter your twitter username and password to post what your drinking and where you are at. In today's world of tweets and status updates, this is a very welcome addition.

If you are looking for simple app to share your coffee lust, you can't go wrong with Coffee Buzz.

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