Twitterrific is looking to be the Alpha and Omega of iPhone Twitter clients. As it was first (before there was even an official SDK!), so it is also now the most recent -- in snazzily updated 2.0 form.

So what's changed? Nothing. And everything. Cliched, maybe, but Twitterrific was originally born from the Iconfactory's passion for a graceful, gorgeous Twitter reading experience. But then came a host of other Twitter clients that banged the uber-functionality drums and while it seemed like every celebrity with an iPhone clung to the grandaddy goodness of Twitterrific, the unwashed tech-masses wandered elsewhere.

Well, with Twitterrific 2.0, many will wander back. It somehow manages to keep that quick, clean experience but -- through UI wizardry -- neatly tucks away most every power-user feature imaginable beneath the covers.

Old awesomeness remains -- I've always loved the ability to quickly, and at any time, change from new tweet to @reply to direct message (dm) at the touch of a tab. New awesomeness is introduced -- now I can also tap the "eye" icon to see the tweet I'm replying to for reference, to add another @username to the reply, etc.

Yes, in Battlestar Galactica terms, if Twitterrific 1.0 was the Cylon Centurian, Twitterrific 2.0 is the red-dressed Caprica 6. It has evolved. (And definitely has a plan).

Speaking of which: there's inarguably the feature-equivalent of an arms race going on among iPhone Twitter clients, and it's one that greatly benefits users. If the first Twitterrific was a board with a nail in it, and subsequent Twitter clients went from sword to gun, this is our first plasma cannon. And I can't wait to see what happens next.

Note: Twitterrific 2.0 comes, as it always has, in two versions. There's Twitterrific (Free with ad support - iTunes link) and Twitterrific Premium ($3.99 - iTunes link). I bought the original Twitterrific Premium and was startled to see Twitterrific 2.0 come to me as a free upgrade. I would easily have paid another $10 for this, much less $3.99. Donation button please?

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