Quick App Update: Sygic Mobile Maps for iPhone

Are you still on the hunt for the right GPS navigation application? Sygic Mobile Maps [$59.00 - US iTunes Link] has just gotten a much needed update and we are happy to report is has polished this GPS app nicely. Gone is the lag we experienced along with the addition of some other much anticipated features.

  • Now with text-to-speech - voice guidance announcing the name of the next street or road
  • Choose addresses straight from your iPhone contacts and navigate to.
  • Music playback fades out smoothly so you can better hear the voice instructions.
  • Improved GPS lock, now faster than ever.
  • Smoother position display as you follow your route.
  • Increased font size of street names and information bars for improved readability.
  • No disclaimer warning message after completion of phone call.

So if you currently have this application, update now! If not and you are still on the lookout for a good GPS app, Sygic Mobile Maps is definitely worth a look.

IM Staff

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