Update: The Rayz and Rayz Plus are now available to order on OneCall, updated article below to reflect the new information.

Pioneer's newest pair of headphones — the Rayz and Rayz Plus — are seriously intriguing. They look gorgeous and they appear to be packed with features like noise-canceling and even a companion app. Take a look at the promo video to see all the goodies Pioneer has included.

Let's unpack some of the things that are in that video.

The first thing to get straight is there are two different versions of the Pioneer Rayz and the one shown in the video is the Rayz Plus, which has a charging port on the cable itself allowing you to charge your iPhone while you listen.

Second thing, that many of the features — including the noise-canceling— will require the companion app which is a free download with purchase. The app also allows you to program the headsets "smart button", which can be used for one-press access to your music. Plus, the app has a built-in EQ that has a couple of presets and even a custom mode, so you can adjust how the Rayz sound on the go.

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Lastly, Pioneer has packed in some features that are truly reminiscent of AirPods, like Auto-Pause, which pauses your audio when you remove one of the earpieces from your ear.

You can order The Rayz or Rayz Plus — $99.95 and $149.95 respectively — on OneCall right now; however, no word on when those orders will be filled.

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