Best iPad app for real-time soccer scores: LiveScore

"With LiveScore for iPhone you will know about every goal, yellow card, red card, substitution, you name it, seconds after they happen."

LiveScore is a fantastic, free app for iPhone or iPod touch that provides real time scores from many sporting events around the world including tennis, hockey, and cricket; with a particular emphasis on soccer scores (or, more properly, football scores to those of us outside the U.S.). If you're deeply invested in a certain league or a specific game but can't be there to watch it unfold, LiveScore is the best way to follow along, right on your iPhone, from where ever you may be.

Real-time scores are delivered swiftly and reliably

The LiveScore app for iPhone (and iPad, it's universal) comes directly from LiveScore Ltd., the inventors of real-time sports data delivery, and owners of the no.1 ranked football / soccer web site globally. That means they know what they're doing, and you can trust them to do it well.

Scores for all the day's games are also readily available

There are no push notifications, which is a shame. LiveScore does auto-refresh when open, however, and it's fast. Very fast. You get the scores you want, as they happen, with nothing to get in your way or unnecessarily complicate the experience.

Automatic refresh, and the interval for the refresh, can be easily configured in settings.

There are country restrictions and, as I mentioned at the beginning, LiveScore is free and the developer says it will stay that way. (Although they do promise additional features in the future will be available via in-app purchase.

Simply choose the league you wish to follow and get ready to receive your scores!

The good

  • Every soccer (football) match in the UK league is covered along with most other countries.
  • Also includes scores for other sports if you follow more than soccer.

The bad

  • No push notifications.

The bottom line

With LiveScore you will know about goals, yellow cards, red cards, substitutions, you name it, seconds after they happen.

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