As the official release of Niantic's upcoming AR game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite draws closer and anticipation for the game seem to be at an all-time high, The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team is giving fans a way to let everyone know!

You can head over to the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite website and download four different posters, which you can then print out and post anywhere you want.

With phrases like "Keep magic from Muggle eyes" and "Protect the Statute of Secrecy", it's clear that these posters are meant to tie into the theme of the game and help raise awareness to The Calamity that is affecting the Wizarding World.

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Of course, if you don't want to print these posters out, you can always save them to your phone, computer, tablet, or other device and use the pictures in social media posts, or even as a wallpaper for your phone!

Still no official date

With Niantic and the entire Harry Potter: Wizards Unite team putting out trailers, posters, and being quite active of social media, its only logical to assume that either an expansion to the current beta that's happening in both New Zealand and Australia right now, or a full release of the game has to be in the near future! Keep your eyes peeled, ears open, and your wands ready!

Get your phone ready for the game!

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