Kick the Buddy is an entertainment game for the iPhone aimed to be a stress reliever. The whole points of the game is to physically accost your 'buddy' by kicking him or assaulting him with weapons.

I've tried out Kick the Buddy, and I don't have the heart to launch the app again! My buddy is so cute and asked to be friends. He gets sad when I hurt him and asked me to stop. I had to stop.

In this truly interactive game you can kick the Buddy, make him a target of a missile, pull Buddy to pieces, play mini-games with him, make him dance and have a whole lot more smashing fun! Watch him spin, bounce, explode and de-stress your day!

  • Fully physically simulated!
  • Lots of ways to punish or entertain your little buddy!
  • Kick the Buddy and earn money for buying new weapons, items, and mini games!
  • The Buddy has Artificial Intelligence and comments on all your actions!
  • An easy concept with tons of replay value!
  • Enjoy kicking the Buddy on a beautiful Retina display!
  • Compatible with iOS multitasking!
  • Global Achievements!

Kick the Buddy is available on the iPhone for $0.99.

[App Store link]

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