Dreaming of the days when the Apple logo was rainbow and Macs were made of that matte, off-white plastic? Unfortunately, time machines don't exist yet (that we know of). However, ColorWare — a company that specializes in giving all your favorite Apple accessories custom looks — has come up with something almost as good. On Monday, it launched the limited edition custom AirPods Retro, AirPods that bring Apple's original aesthetic into 2018. And because the AirPods themselves are, of course, manufactured officially by Apple, you won't have to stress about them being a fuss to connect to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

If you've never heard of Apple AirPods (which, if you're reading this, seems unlikely), they're essentially wireless earbuds made by Apple for Apple devices, driven by the company's custom W1 chip. When not in use, they're housed in a sleek, square-shaped charging case. One charge gives your AirPods over 24 hours of juice. When you're ready to jam, you just pull them out and put them in your ears, and they'll automatically start playing the audio of your choice. Because the AirPods have no physical buttons on them, they're most often controlled by way of Siri.

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ColorWare's limited edition retro version has all the same internals and functionality, just with a new (old?) look. The charging case and AirPods, which are usually glossy and bright white, are matte, and have that awesome, muted putty color inspired by machines like the Apple IIe. The charging case also sports faux, dark gray vents on either side, as well as a rainbow pairing button reminiscent of Apple's technicolor logo in the '70s, '80s, and '90s. Each set of retro AirPods also comes with a ColorWare warranty.

If you'd like to pepper your daily jog (or daily listening-to-a-podcast-in-bed) with tangible reminders of Apple's designs gone by, you can grab your own set of ColorWare's AirPods Retro for a limited time by clicking the link below. They're priced at a pretty steep $399 — that's about $240 less than Apple's regular version — but if you're a die-hard Apple devotee, they may be well worth the splurge to you.

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