Revamped Dragon Quest VIII RPG lands on iOS

Square Enix role-playing game Dragon Quest VIII has launched on iOS today. The game has been fully revamped with 3D graphics and a few other touch-friendly elements while retaining the setting's charm. The story follows a brave unnamed hero as he tries to break a malicious curse placed on his king and princess. There's alchemical crafting, monster gladiatorial battles, and gambling to enjoy throughout the game between working your way through the fantasy storyline.

Dragon Quest VIII originally launched in 2004 on PlayStation 2, but these games go back way farther than that. In the original Nintendo days, the series was called Dragon Warrior, and followed all of the same party building and turn-based combat mechanics that are still really popular. As you might expect from Square Enix, there's a premium pricetag included here; be prepared to drop about $20 for Dragon Quest VIII on iOS.

How many of you guys played the original Dragon Quest or Dragon Warrior games? Are you willing to pay $20 for nostalgic mobile gaming?

Source: Square Enix

Simon Sage

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