Rivr for App.net updated with new features and a refreshed UI

If you're still using App.net and are in the market for a new client, you may want to take another look at Rivr which just got updated with lots of new features and enhancements to existing ones. New features include Camera+ integration, night time mode, markdown support, and more. The interface has also gotten a bit of a facelift as well as some refinements for existing features.

We recently took a look at some of the more popular App.net clients available in the App Store and put them head to head. At that time, we chose Felix as our ADN client of choice. While the interface of Rivr wasn't terrible and notifications worked as promised, we just didn't find anything in Rivr that blew us away the way we did Felix.

For some users, the new features in Rivr may be taking a second look at. The first notable feature is night time mode which makes reading at night a much more pleasant experience since the default UI is so light. The overall interface itself has also received minor tweaks such as a re-worked profile layout and smoother gestures. The gradients and color scheme seem to be more refined causing a better overall experience.

Most notably the new version of Rivr adds integration for Camera+, media hosting via bli.ms, markdown support, the ability to change your font, and the ability to edit your profile within the app. You can also change hashtags to topics now by holding down and toggling between them.

If you were holding out on trying Rivr due to having to pay $1.99 as an in-app purchase to obtain push, you'll be glad to know that push is now free. Overall, Rivr seems to run a lot smoother. It was a great app to begin with and now it has just gotten better. If you're still on the fence about choosing a client for App.net, you can check out our Netbot, Felix, and Rivr comparison via the link below. As far as trying out Rivr, now that push is free there's no reason not to give it a spin.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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