Rock out even harder with your guitar and iOS using Amplitube 3.0 and iRig HD

IK Multimedia has introduced a new version of their Amplitube app, which enables iPad and iPhone users to model amps and effects pedals virtually. The new release, 3.0, adds timeline audio editing and new gear models.

Amplitube 3.0 has been reset as a mobile recording studio, not just an amp and stompbox simulator. You can record up to eight tracks (four on the iPhone). "Effects freeze" is a new feature that remembers the signal chain setup per track, so you can "reamp" or try a different set of effects on a track non-destructively. Amplitube Studio provides waveform-based track editing with full control over signal chain, effects, recording and mixing functions.

The new release of Amplitube coincides with the introduction of the $99.99 iRig HD, a mobile guitar interface. The device sports a 1/4" jack on one end to plug into your guitar, and comes with Lightning and 30-pin dock connector cables for attaching to an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. (It can also work with synthesizers, keyboards, mixers and other devices with line-level output.) It also comes with a USB cable to connect to a Mac or PC. The device unlocks free amps and stompboxes when paired with Amplitube. This is quite a change from the original iRig product, designed to work specifically with iPods, iPhones and iPads using just the headphone jack.

Peter Cohen