Rocketbook announces the Flip, a brand new smart, reusable notebook

Rocketbookflip (Image credit: Rocketbook)

What you need to know

  • There's a new notebook from Rocketbook.
  • It's called the Flip.
  • It's a "traditional" notebook you can reuse and works to quickly put your scribbles and notes in the cloud on a number of platforms.

Rocketbook has today announced the Flip, a brand new reusable notebook you can use to quickly upload your notes and scribbles online.

In a press release Rocketbook said:

Rocketbook, maker of Amazon's best-selling notebook, is pleased to introduce their newest reusable notebook, the Flip. Designed for classrooms, offices, and a variety of personal uses, the Flip mimics the design of a traditional steno pad with a top-bound spiral design, instead of the usual side bound spiral. Each of the standard Flip's 18 front-and-back pages is equipped with lines on the front and a dot-grid on the back, so you can flip your format with a simple turn of a page. There's also an alternate version of the notebook stocked with blank pages to create an infinite canvas of creativity. The top-turn binding offers wrist space for lefties, making this the world's first reusable ambidextrous notebook.

The Rocketbook Flip uses synthetic paper to create a realistic writing experience for users, whilst at the same time letting you wipe clean its pages so it never runs out. Use any Pilot FriXion pen, marker or highlighter to create vibrant and colorful notes again and again.

Beyond the reusability, the Rocketbook's biggest feature is its connection to the cloud. Through the Rocketbook app, you can scan your notes to any number of cloud services including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, iCloud, Slack, and plain email for organization, uploading, and sharing. You can even use it to transcribe handwriting! The pages have seven symbols at the bottom of each page which you can assign the app to recognize as a particular service, then simply mark the symbol for the service you want before you scan and it will automatically be sent to the relevant location. The app also crops and enhances the page to make the digital notes look even better than the real thing.

The Rocketbook flip is available from Rocketbook and Amazon starting at $32 now!

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