Rovio Account will finally let you sync your Angry Birds progress across all your devices!

Thrilled at having completed the first 120 levels of Angry Birds, with three stars, on your iPhone, but rage-frustrated at having to start all over again to play it on your iPad? Your feelings are shared by many, and Rovio is finally coming to the rescue with Rovio Accounts.

The idea is simple: sign up for a free Rovio Account -- an Email address is all that is required -- and then login with it on all your Rovio games, across all your devices. Your game progress will then be transferred from device to device and you'll always be sync no matter where you're playing.

It's always been the hope that some combination of Apple's built-in iCloud and Game Center would provide this functionality to all developers, for all games, simply and easily, and avoid the need for users to maintain additional, game-specific accounts. A combination of Rovio's focus on cross-platform games, and ongoing issues with iCloud sync, likely made Rovio Accounts a better solution, at least for now.

Currently, the Rovio Account is available globally for The Croods, and in Finland and Poland for the original Angry Birds game for iOS. Rovio says the service will gradually roll out across other areas, as will new features. So, yes, it's pretty limited for now. However, if you're a player of The Croods and have used Rovio Account, let us know: how's it working for you?

Source: Rovio

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