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What you need to know

  • A new rumor says the iPhone 13 could feature faster charging with support for a 25W adapter.
  • That's according to a new rumor from MyDrivers.
  • It says "some models" would feature the support, but the charger would come separately like the iPhone 12.

A new report says the iPhone 13 could deliver a big charging boost over the iPhone 12 thanks to support for a 25W charger.

The rumor comes from MyDrivers, a Chinese publication which states:

In the domestic mobile phone charging rate power has been close to or even exceeded 100W, Apple mobile phone still supports up to 20W. Today, foreign media learned from Apple's supply chain that the iPhone 13 series may have some models to increase the fast charging power to 25W.

As the report notes Apple's current iPhone 12 lineup supports fast charging with up to 20W chargers, and that whilst 25W would be an improvement, it's not a huge leap. It would bring the iPhone in line with the Samsung Galaxy S21. However, that's still a way off phones like the new OnePlus Nord 2, which features 65W charging, and other Android rivals.

Of course, regardless of charging speed, the iPhone 13, like the 12 before it, will not ship with a charger in the box, with Apple making the bold decision to remove both the charging plug and headphones from its iPhone box last year.

Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone in September, with at least some models set to feature a 120Hz display, faster 5G, and improved battery life, with a new phone that is shaping up to be the company's best iPhone ever.

A new report Friday also indicates Apple may debut new AirPods alongside its new iPhone.