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What you need to know

  • Russia's largest premium reseller of Apple products has closed its stores.
  • It comes from a need to assess the market because of sanctions and inflation in the country.
  • Apple has stopped selling products in the country and resellers are battling skyrocketing prices because of inflation.

Apple's largest premium reseller in Russia has announced it is temporarily closing its stores to assess market conditions because of the ongoing impact of sanctions in the country.

The closure was first noted by, and in a statement reported by Rise re:Store stated:

"The decision to close re:Store stores today is temporary and is caused by the need to assess the current situation on the market. In the near future, the stores will continue their work as usual."

It follows Apple's decision to stop selling products in the country alongside other measures to limit its services and operations in the country. It also follows news that resellers who have continued to operate in the country are battling skyrocketing prices caused by sanctions that are leading to massive inflation in the country.

Re:store operates 44 stores in total, mostly in Russia but also one store in Prague and a store in Kyiv, all of the stores are listed as temporarily closed on its website. The store offers customers Apple's entire range of products including its best iPhone, the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, iPads, Macs, and a slew of accessories and gadgets from Apple and other third parties.

The store is an official premium reseller partnered with Apple, and also offers servicing and repairs on products as an Authorized Apple Service Center.

On Tuesday, Apple announced it was halting sales of its products in the country, as well as limiting services such as Apple Pay and its Maps app in Ukraine.