Satechi 165w Usb ChargerSource: Satechi

What you need to know

  • Satechi has announced a new 4-port 165W charger.
  • The new charger comes with a stand for easy positioning and can power a single device at 100W.
  • Using all four ports means a combination of 60W, 45W, and 30W of charging power.

We might be edging closer to the end of CES 2022 but Satechi isn't letting things go just yet. The accessory outfit just announced a brand new 4-port 165W charger that's capable of powering MacBook Pros and more.

The new 165W USB-C 4-Port PD GaN Charger is more than capable of powering Apple's latest and greatest releases, especially if you're only planning on using a couple of the ports at any given time. Four USB-C ports are offered, but using all four will mean that two work at 30W, one at 45W, and another at 60W. Use just the one and you'll get 100W. In fact, you can still get 100W output when using two ports — but one will fall to 60W, unfortunately.

This being a Satechi product, it's way nicer to look at than your average charger, too. That gorgeous gray finish will fit with whatever you keep on your desk and the stand means you can even make a feature of it as well.

Want to order a new charger of your very own? Satechi is charging $119.99 and deliveries will begin on January 14. Order now though, and remember to enter code CES20, and you'll save an additional 20% when checking out. That right there might just make this the best Mac charger around. And you can even power your iPhone 13 and iPad Pro with it, too!