Satechi reveals 2-in-1 AirPods Max Headphone Stand with Wireless Charger

Satechi 2 In 1 Headphone Stand Charger Lifestyle
Satechi 2 In 1 Headphone Stand Charger Lifestyle (Image credit: Satechi)

What you need to know

  • Satechi has unveiled a new 2-in-1 Headphone Stand with Wireless Charging.
  • It's perfect for your AirPods Max and can wirelessly charge other devices up to 7.5W.
  • You can preorder it now for $80, and save 20% until January 13 with code "CES20."

For the second day of Satechi CES announcments, the brand has revealed a new 2-in-1 Headphone Stand with Wireless Charger. This new headphone stand is perfect for AirPods Max, and can even charge up your best iPhone or AirPods earbuds.

Satechi is known for beautifully designed accessories, and this 2-in-1 Headphone Stand with Wireless Charger is no exception. It has a sleek aesthetic with a stainless-steel arm with padded grips, and a minimalistic charging base at the bottom. The built-in wireless charger can charge your iPhone 13 or AirPods 3 at 7.5W, and the LED light confirms when the device is properly charging. The stand itself plugs in via a USB-C cable.

The 2-in-1 Headphone Stand with Wireless Charger from Satechi comes in a gorgeous space gray aluminum, which is a perfect complement to any desktop or workstation. And if you're worried about adding another cable to the desk, the stand itself comes with a convenient cable management hook, so you can wrap and store cords that aren't in use. Whether you're working or gaming, this headphone stand will be a great addition to your setup, especially with the neutral space gray color.

You can pre-order the Satechi 2-in-1 Headphone Stand with Wireless Charger right now from Satechi's website for $80. But you can shave 20% off from that retail price by using code "CES20" until January 13. It will be shipping later this month.

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