SCOSCHE BTFREQ combines Alexa with Bluetooth FM transmitter and car charger

SCOSCHE, the creators behind several popular consumer technology and car audio products and accessories, has just announced the BTFREQ, a small but mighty Bluetooth FM transmitter and car charger with Amazon Alexa built-in. You'll get hands-free communication, entertainment, Power Delivery, and Alexa, all in one convenient package.

The BTFREQ is first and foremost a car charger that plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter. It's a dual-port charger with both USB-A 12W and USB-C 18W, and features Power Delivery, so you get a charge that's three times faster than other car chargers. Apple and Samsung Fast Charge are supported. And since it utilizes USB-C, the growing industry standard, the BTFREQ is fairly future-proof.

Users can also connect the BTFREQ to their car via Bluetooth or Aux-in cable, which grants access to Amazon Alexa. With the BTFREQ and Amazon Alexa, users can have Alexa play music, get the news, check the weather, and much more. And since Alexa is in the cloud, the BTFREQ is constantly getting smarter as it gets new capabilities delivered automatically. BTFREQ can be paired to a smartphone to work with Apple's Siri or Google Voice as well.

SCOSCHE designed the BTFREQ with thought and care. The satin silver arc is to accommodate a second microphone at an optimal distance from the first, which helps ensure clearer voice activation and less noise pollution. BTFREQ is also made from a premium automotive grade ABS plastic, helping it blend in seamlessly with most car interiors. The blue glow is also a nice touch, and it is reminiscent of other Amazon Alexa devices, such as the Echo Dot.

SCOSCHE's BTFREQ is scheduled to arrive sometime in Fall 2019. The price is unknown at this time.

Christine Chan

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