1984 commercialSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Following Sean Connery's death we've seen an old joke rear its head once more.
  • 2011 saw a fake letter doing the rounds, claiming to be from Connery to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.
  • Jobs supposedly wanted Connery to be in an ad but the actor was having none of it.

Despite what everyone on Twitter might think, the late Sean Connery never sent a letter ripping Steve Jobs a new one following another failed attempt to get the actor into an Apple ad. As much as it does sound like something the former Bond actor might have done!

The fake letter is once again doing the rounds following the recent death of Connery. But it was first seen back in 2011 when CNET first debunked it and originated from satirical site Scoopertino.

Fake Connery Letter To JobsSource: CNET

As The Verge notes, the fact this keeps coming back up nine years after its debut is pretty insane.

As with anything on the internet, always remember to trust but verify. In this case, trust that this "letter" was a parody— and kudos on whatever SEO magic you did here Scoopertino, because it's clearly evergreen content. Which we usually love in the internet business, but only when it's true.