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What you need to know

  • Apple announced all retail stores would be closed until March 27th.
  • Some stores reportedly remain open for in-store pickup orders only.
  • All stores will be fully closed by the end of business on Monday, March 16th.

On Friday, Apple announced that it would be closing all of its retail locations worldwide except for the stores reopening in China. However, a new report by Macrumors reveals that some customers have still been able to pick up their orders at select Apple stores.

According to multiple sources, some retail employees across the United States and Canada are being asked to go into work until Monday, March 16th in order to fulfill in-store pickups for customers who ordered online but opted to pick up their order at their local Apple Store.

In addition to in-store pickup orders, some customers are also reporting that they have been able to pick up a device that was undergoing repair at the Genius Bar, as long as that device's repair was completed and ready for pickup before the announcement on Friday.

According to an online Apple Support representative, select stores across the country will remain open with limited hours between Saturday, March 14th and Monday, March 16th in order to help this specific subset of customers. All other services like in-store purchases, new Genius Bar appointments, and Today at Apple sessions are not available. After Monday, all stores will be closed for all services until March 27th.

If you have an order that you had placed for in-store pickup or a repair that you have been notified as ready to pick up, you may be able to still get your items before the closing of business on Monday. That said, it is unclear if this policy applies to just a limited number or all of Apple's retail stores, so it would be best to contact Apple Support before stopping by your local store to see if it is still open.

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