Sena Heritage Commuter bag review

Sena makes gorgeous leather cases for the iPhone, and their expertise extends to full-on bags, too. The Heritage Commuter is a leather-clad carrier designed to accommodate up to a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, but literally every other laptop Mac currently in production will fit inside too, with plenty of room to spare.


  • Soft, supple leather
  • Lots of internal compartments
  • Polished, heavy duty hardware


  • Not as big as some might need
  • Only two colors
  • Expensive

The Heritage Commuter is clad in tumbled leather — leather that's been gently abraded to make it soft and smooth. And it is: It has a great feel to it that makes it comfortable to shoulder whether you're slinging it on your arm or wearing it messenger bag-style.

The two colors available are denim and tan; I opted for denim, which has a great dark blue patina to it. As you'd expect from any leather bag, the Heritage Commuter shows its wear with gentle scuff marks pretty quickly, but they add individuality and character to the bag that you're not going to get with a more scuff-resistant material.

Inside the bag are separate compartments for your laptop and a full-sized iPad, both on the same side. On the opposite side are two deep pockets big enough for a power supply, with smaller pockets for connectors or cables you might need. A zippered outside pocket provides plenty of room for pens, paper or other items; on the other side of the bag, a magnetic closure supports another outside pocket that's easily accessible, and inside is a zippered compartment that offers you a bit more security.

I wasn't able to stuff everything I usually carry in my Waterfield Designs Staad Stout in the Heritage Commuter; the Staad is much wider at its base because it's a backpack. But the Heritage Commuter had plenty of room for everything I actually needed, with plenty of pockets to keep me organized.

The bag is clad with polished gunmetal-colored zippers, buckles and pullers that have a nice solid feel to them; metal feet on the bottom let you place the bag on the ground or the desk without worrying about too much about wear and tear on the soft leather. Handles make it easy to carry briefcase-style or sling onto a overhead rack on the commuter rail train (or under the seat in front of you on the plane), and the adjustable shoulder strap is reinforced with extra leather padding so that the belt doesn't cut into your collarbone.

Interior organization pockets let you store whatever you might need, and generous space in the center is suitable for a power supply, wallet or other items you might not want in your pockets.

I love the "denim" color. It's sharp and eye-catching and I've gotten a few compliments when I've been carrying it. The tan is beautiful too; I'd love to see Sena expand the line with a few more colors (I have stated my preference for all the purple things.

The bottom line

I'll readily admit that $370 is a lot to spend on a computer bag. But after using a better bag than I was accustomed to a few years ago, I'm a big believer in paying for quality: There's a difference between being cheap (and not paying a lot for things) and being frugal (willing to pay for quality if it means it'll be long lasting). If you're in the market for a designer leather commuter bag, make sure to check the Heritage Commuter out.

Peter Cohen