sevenhugs remotes 2019

Sevenhugs has introduced two new smart remotes for 2019. The Smart Remote U and Smart Remote X are available beginning today, July 29. Both devices work with thousands of infrared, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth-enabled devices, thereby offering you an all-in-one home entertainment solution.

Compatible with over 650,000 entertainment and smart home devices like televisions, Bluetooth speakers, Apple TV, and many more, both the Smart Remote U and Smart Remote X have been designed to fit into the palm of your hand. The Smart Remote X is described as the world's first remote control that uses Contextual Awareness during setup. During Point Mode, you can aim the controller at any device, thereby seeing the correct controls automatically on the remote face. With its built-in indoor-position system, the Smart Remote X also can know where each device is located in your home for ease of use.

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sevenhugs smart remotes

The Smart Remote U and Smart Remote X both include an intuitive touchscreen with an adaptive, patented UI. For added convenience, you can design custom user interfaces using the Smart Remote app for iOS and Android. The app has also been designed to help you configure TV and Home scenes for control of multiple AV and smart home devices with just one tap.

Simon Tchedikian, founder and CEO of Sevenhugs, explains:

At Sevenhugs, our vision has always been to provide a unified, seamless experience and bring control back to the user through a single, powerful device.

The Smart Remote X ($300) is available in black or white and includes one smart remote, a charging base, and three room sensors. The Smart Remote U ($200) consists of a smart remote and charging base and is only available in black. Both are now on sale through the Sevenhugs website and at BestBuy.