Best answer: Yes. If you're at all worried that anything might happen to your HomePod, buying the AppleCare+ plan for Homepod will cost you $39 on top of the $349 and give you peace of mind.

Apple: HomePod ($349)

What's covered under AppleCare+ for HomePod?

With AppleCare+ in place for your HomePod, you'll extend your warranty coverage from one year to two years and be covered for two incidents of accidental damage from handling the HomePod subject to a $39 service fee for each instance.

AppleCare+ will not cover damage deemed to be superficial or cosmetic, meaning if you scratch up the exterior of your HomePod, but it otherwise functions normally, you won't be able to get the damage fixed.

Don't forget Apple's fantastic support

Included in the AppleCare+ plan for HomePod is two years of telephone support for features like AirPlay, Wi-Fi, and the Home app. Plus, telephone support is especially good if you run across any software issues. Rather than running to your nearest Apple store, you can attempt to troubleshoot the issue from the comfort of your own home.

This support is invaluable if you're buying the Homepod for someone who needs help setting these services up, or you need help yourself. AppleCare+ has your back with excellent customer support customer support.

Is it worth it?

When you're already paying $349 for the HomePod, I can understand if you find it hard to dish out the extra money for AppleCare+. After all, if you plan on placing your HomePod in one place and never moving it again, you probably won't have to worry about accidentally damaging it.

That being said, if anything goes wrong with your HomePod in the first two years (accidentally or at the manufacturer level) fixing the problem for $39 through AppleCare+ will be much cheaper than having to replace the entire HomePod or have Apple do an out-of-warranty repair.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make, but for an extra $39, I think the peace of mind is worth it.

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Apple HomePod

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