Shure announces Bluetooth wireless earphones

Today Shure announced in a press release that it will be adding wireless earphones to its popular line of SE Sound Isolating earphones. These include wireless versions of its SE215 and SE112 earphone models, as well as a Bluetooth accessory cable that can convert any pair of SE earphones with a detachable cable into wireless earphones.

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Shure promises that due to their ergonomic design these earphones will naturally block up to 37dB of outside noise so users will have a more immersive, distraction-free listening experience. They also come with a fit kit with a variety of different sleeve options so that users can be sure the earphones will fit securely and comfortably inside their particular ears. This is especially fantastic for people like me who have ears too small for other one-size-fits-all wireless earphone solutions (looking at you, Apple AirPods.)

The SE112 and SE215 Wireless Earphones and the Bluetooth Accessory Cable all boast high-quality sound, Bluetooth 4.1 technology, a range of 30 feet, an integrated mic, a simple three-button remote and multi-device pairing capability. They can also be used for up to eight hours on a single charge, so you can literally jam all day if that's your thing.

Shure's Senior Category Director Matt Engstrom commented on following the new wireless trend:

For 20 years, Shure has elevated the category of premium earphones and headphones by creating products that are sonically excellent, physically beautiful, comfortable, and durable. As media consumption continues to go mobile, we are thrilled to answer the requests of our customers by offering these new wireless options, featuring the audio quality and durability Shure is known for.

Both the standalone cable and the SE112 earphones are priced at $99. The SE215 earphones are a little more expensive at $149, but they're also more advanced in the audio quality department and feature enhanced bass for richer listening. Both sets of earphones come with a USB charging cable, clothing clip and carrying case. They aren't available yet, but will be purchasable at a variety of online and in-store retailers soon.


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