Sid Meier's Pirates! game boards iPhone

After an initial release on iPad last summer, Sid Meier's classic swashbuckling game, Pirates!, has found its way to the iPhone. Just like the version built for the bigger screen, you build up a crew, customize your ship, stick a sword into anyone who tries to take it, fire cannons at competing pirates, pillage whatever's in sight, and rest up at the port once the gunpowder has settled.

Just like the iPad version, the Classic Sid Meier adventure has been optimized for multitouch on the iPhone. You can parry, counter, an dual all the scurvy dogs you come across into submission, while boarding their ships, attacking their taverns, and even raiding the Governor's mansion for bounty.

You get 27 ships that you can customize with ammo, cannons, and otherwise upgrade, and you get to go after the greatest pirate villains in history, including Blackbeard, Captain Kidd and Henry Morgan.

Pirates is a well-loved franchise, and one that has weathered the test of time nicely. It originally came out way back in 1987, made by MicroProse, who also kicked off the Civilization franchise. Remakes of Pirates on the PC and consoles have done really well, and it looks like 2K has properly optimized for mobile with fresh touch controls. I've never spent too much time playing the series myself, but I've got more than one friend who goes "ZOMG PIRATES!11!!" any time it comes up. Maybe now is the time to give it a shot.

Any swashbucklers in the house that have already pumped a lot of time into this game?

$2.99 - $2.99 - Download Side Meier's Pirates!

Simon Sage

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