Siri Shortcuts, iMessages effects, and more headed to Mac later this year!

Siri on Mac

9to5Mac "Apple whisperer" Guilherme Rambo has been siphoning a number of tidbits of information relating to the upcoming update of iOS, macOS, and watchOS. Today, he's posited that macOS 10.15, the next iteration of the Mac software system, will include Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time, and my personal favorite, iMessages effects.

Rambo sources "people familiar with the development of macOS 10.15" to bring us news that Siri Shortcuts and the Shortcuts app, which is a useful Workflow revamp on iOS, to the Mac. This will likely mean that you can use Siri on your Mac to help build shortcuts to your daily functions. For example, unlocking your Mac might trigger the action to also launch Safari to your favorite website. Asking Siri to "Set break time" might put your Mac to sleep and turn off your office light for 15 minutes. There are a lot of useful things that Siri Shortcuts could do on Mac.

Supporting the feature on macOS is important so developers of iPad apps can more easily port their Shortcuts-enabled apps to the Mac, with the new SDK becoming available at WWDC. According to sources, only Marzipan apps will be able to take advantage of the Shortcuts support on macOS.

Another big feature Rambo suggests is headed to macOS is Screen Time, which is a useful Settings feature that lets you track your device usage and set personal limits on how often and when you use them. On Mac, this could also mean that a parent could keep track of their child's screen time usage on computers and iPhones (are your kids playing too much Fortnite? Shut it down after a certain time of day or so many hours of usage). Speaking of parental controls, a better interface for Family Sharing is expected to be headed to macOS 10.15, too. Rambo notes it will be similar to the interface on iOS. Much easier for parents to find and use.

On my iPhone, I truly love screen effects. I use them every time I wish someone Happy Birthday or want to really get their attention. I also use the Messages app on my Mac pretty much as often, if not more often than, I use it on my iPhone. Unfortunately, those cute screen effects fall flat on Mac. I have to switch over to my iPhone if I want to see something someone sent or if I want to send one myself. If Rambo's connections are correct, iMessages will get a lot more fun this fall. Imagine hitting full-screen on your Messages app to view a laser screen effect. I can't wait.

We'll know more about these features and more at WWDC June 3 when Apple is expected to demo iOS 13, macOS 10.15, and watchOS 6 (and probably tvOS 12.3 and the changes to the TV app).

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