Nine Unique Nintendo Switch Accessories You Didn't Know Existed

Aside from those neon joy-cons, a lot of the Switch accessories you find in stores are kind of generic. I went looking for some things that were going to help my Switch stand out a little in a crowd, especially since I'm probably going to be taking it to some Splatoon 2 tournaments this Summer. Here's what I found!

It's called a Dock Sock (opens in new tab), and yes I am a 14-year-old

These things are all over Amazon right now, with a ton of clever fabric options. You could even make one yourself if you have the time, but for the price, these are a quick way to add some style to your Switch.

Ridiculously cute stickers (opens in new tab) to bring Switch Dog to life

Drop a silly tongue on the Joy-Con grip, and POOF your controller is now a derpy little puppy! This sticker pack has a ton of other options, all adding a little color to an otherwise grayscale Switch controller.

Keep your favorite cartridges held safe (opens in new tab), right on the dock!

Nintendo, seriously, how was this not included in the Switch Dock design? Instead of using the cases or one of those binders, just keep your favorite games attached directly to the Switch!

Cheat a little, swap your amiibo for tag things (opens in new tab)

You should absolutely buy amiibo if you want to benefit from the things that happen when you tap one to the Switch, but carrying them around is a huge pain. Plus, they might break! Amiibo tags are printed things that have the amiibo magic baked in, so you only need to carry around these little discs when you need them.

Let me grip (opens in new tab) the Switch a little better, please

Love how portable Joy-Cons are, but anytime I can get away with it I grab for a Pro Controller instead. Printed grips are way cheaper, and make holding the Switch a little easier for those of us with bigger hands.

Or for those who prefer a smaller grip (opens in new tab)

nintendo switch

If you have smaller hands and enjoy the Joy-Con controllers, you probably still struggle with comfort on intense games of Mario Kart 8. These grips make life easier for everyone, especially in multiplayer matches!

Make your Switch an instant living room eye-catcher (opens in new tab)

nintendo switch

Light-up docks come in colors and styles from both Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. If you've invited friends over for game night, they'll instantly know that you did not mean Settlers of Catan.

Gray is out: Every other color of Switch shell (opens in new tab) is in

nintendo switch

Got a tiny screwdriver and some free time? You can totally replace the outer shell on your Nintendo Switch with any number of different colors, including transparent purples and blues reminiscent of old Game Boy Advance shells!

Or turn your Switch into a work of art with decals (opens in new tab)

nintendo switch

If you are hesitant to take your Switch apart to change its color scheme, there are plenty of cool, Nintendo-licensed decals (opens in new tab) you can cover it with that look elegant, stay on, and won't damage your Switch.

Updated May 2018: Added Joy-Con grips, light-up dock, outer shells, and decals.

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