Skinit Impact iPhone Case review: Custom protection

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Price: $40Bottom line: Let your personality shine through with this custom-made case.


  • +

    Custom-made for you

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    Tons of licensed brands

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    Can create your own design

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    Well-built, slim but protective case

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    Wireless charging compatible


  • -

    No grippy textured edges

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Skinit is known primarily for its custom decals, but the company also offers some pretty great cases. Your iPhone is practically an extension of you, shouldn't your case express something about your personality? Show off your love for a favorite team, school, movie, character, or theme of your choice. Skinit offers a huge range of licensed themes, plus you can create and upload your own completely custom design.


Skinit Impact iPhone Case: Features

Skinit iPhone Pro Impact Case

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Skinit cases are officially licensed designs, so you can choose your favorite collegiate, NBA, NFL, MLB, or NHL team. Skinit also has official licensure for Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Looney Tunes, Sanrio, Surfer Magazine, and Dragon Ball Z. Plus there are tons of patterns, art, and lifestyle designs. Not interested in those options? You can create your own custom design and upload it for a case that's uniquely yours.

Skinit's Impact case is a slim but protective dual-layer case. The inner layer is a firm but flexible rubber. The outer layer is a hard thermoplastic. Skinit uses "Ink-Infused Print Technology" to ensure your design stays forever. The rubber inner layer shows on the outside in several places: the bezel lip, around the camera, the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons, the top of the case, and the bottom of the case. Having no hard plastic at the top and bottom makes this case easy to put on and take off. I don't find this case to be overly slippery, but the sides of the case are smooth, hard plastic with no added grippiness.

I love my alma mater and when I get together with my fellow alums, you can bet I'll be showing off my Skinit case.

The case is thicker than the camera module, so the camera lenses won't contact the surface when the phone is placed face-up. Put your phone face-down, no problem, because the bezel lip is higher than the screen. The buttons work fine with their rubber button covers. Cutouts for the camera, mute switch, Lightning port, and speakers ensure those are all fully functional from within the case. The inner and outer layers are nicely melded together, so unless there is a big color contrast, you wouldn't even notice where one ends and the other begins.

The case is solid, though it's not as protective as a big, bulky heavy-duty case. It's also not a barely-there, ultra-thin case. It's right in the middle, slim but still a nice protective case. Wireless charging works fine.

There's no Skinit branding on this case, just your design. The Impact case is available only for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. However, Skinit has a Pro case that's quite similar available for older model phones. Amazon carries a large selection of Skinit cases, but Skinit's website carries even more, including the completely custom option.

Cool case

Skinit Impact iPhone Case: What I like

I love my alma mater and when I get together with my fellow alums, you can bet I'll be showing off my Skinit case. On top of being officially licensed gear (no copyright or trademark infringements here), this is a high-quality case. It's slim and yet protective. I love that Skinit has official licensure with so many different organizations and companies that you'll have your choice of favorite teams and characters with which to adorn your phone. If you don't like any of the designs offered, you can upload your very own design.

Skinit iPhone Pro Impact Case

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It's plastic after all

Skinit Impact iPhone Case: What I don't like

This is a plastic case, which isn't everyone's cup of tea. The rubber inner layer offers more protection than plastic alone, but it's still plastic on the outside. It's smooth and shiny, so it does show fingerprints and it can be a little bit slippery especially if your hands are moist.

Go team!

Skinit Impact iPhone Case: Bottom line

Skinit offers tons of officially licensed designs, so you can show off your favorite team or character on your iPhone. Besides the oodles of designs offered, you can also create your own completely custom design. The Skinit Impact iPhone Case is a dual-layer thermoplastic and rubber case. It has a slim profile but it's still a protective case.

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