Sky: Children of the Light is finally out for iOS, Apple TV version delayed

What you need to know

  • The long-awaited game Sky: Children of the Light is finally available worldwide for iPhone and iPad users.
  • First annonced in September 2017, the game then entered nearly two years of delays.
  • The game is now available for iOS, though the Apple TV version is still delayed indefinitely.

After nearly two years of delays, the highly anticipated iOS game Sky: Children of the Light has finally reached a worldwide audience. iPhone and iPad users can downloaded the game now through the App Store.

First announced back in September 2017 to show off the Apple TV 4K's capabilities, the game looked like the next great mobile puzzle game. But then it ran into some issues. After a limited release in the Philippines that December, other countries were indefinitely delayed.

A year and a half later, the game is finally out for iOS. The Apple TV version is still delayed and no word on when that'll be out.

In Sky: Children of the Light, you become one of the children and explore seven dreamlike realms and uncover their mystery. Much of the gameplay is built around socializing with "like-minded players" to explore the far-reaching worlds.

The game looks utterly beautiful and we can't wait to play around with it. Let us know if you're going to give Sky: Children of the Light a chance. It's free to download but it does come with some in-app purchases.

Danny Zepeda