Skyward Sword HD Gratitude Crystals: Batreaux, locations, rewards, and how to dowse

Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Floating
Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Floating (Image credit: iMore)

Shortly after starting Skyward Sword HD, players can start a long-running set of sidequests that revolve around earning Gratitude Crystals. It's definitely worth your time to work on these mini missions as doing so can net you awesome rewards, like a Heart Piece or a larger wallet. But knowing what to do isn't always straightforward. We're here to help by explaining how to start the Gratitiude Crystal sidequests and knowing how to collect them all.

How to start the Gratitude Crystals quest: The Lost Child

Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Wryna (Image credit: iMore)

This set of sidequests can only begin after you've placed the Ruby Tablet inside the Statue of the Goddess. Leave the chamber and you'll see Wryna standing outside looking for her daughter, Kukiel. Talking to this woman is the first step to activating the Gratitude Crystal quest. Here's what to do after that:

  1. Talk with people in the town to learn more about what happened to Kukiel.
    • Orielle in Skyloft tells you a rumor about a monster kidnapping kids. Rusta at the Lumpy Pumpkin gives you details on how a demon in Skyloft enters a storage shed.Source: iMore

Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Orielle (Image credit: iMore)

Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Rusta (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Head to the Skyloft Graveyard at night. You can use a bed to change the day to night if necessary.
  2. Hit the tombstone that's in the back left corner nearest to the tree, and it will light up.Source: iMore

Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Graveyard (Image credit: iMore)

Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Hit Tombstone (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Pull or push the headstone. This will open the storage shed door.
  2. Enter the storage shed and go down the ladder.Source: iMore

Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Push Tombstone (Image credit: iMore)

Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Ladder (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Follow the wooden planks to a house. You'll hear a scream as you approch.
  2. Enter the house and talk to Batreaux. He'll tell you all about Gratitude Crystals and you'll find Kukiel safely visiting him.Source: iMore

Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Batreaux House (Image credit: iMore)

Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Batreaux (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Select Sure to start the Gratitude Crystal quest.

Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Batreaux Sure (Image credit: iMore)

Now that you've initiated things with Batreaux, it's time to start looking for those Gratitude Crystals. There are 80 of them total. A good chunk of them come in groups of five, but there are also 15 solo Gratitude Crystals that you can find by looking around.

Skyward Sword HD Unlock Dowsing

Skyward Sword Hd Dowse (Image credit: iMore)

The Goddess Sword can detect specific objects, locations, and people while Link goes through his journey. To do this, the player must enter first-person and use the circle in the center of the screen to look around. A beeping sound goes off when there's something to find. When you get closer to an object, the circle glows bright purple and the beeping gets faster.

Dowsing can help you locate Gratitude Crystals from the start. However, the Goddess Sword will not be able to detect certain other objects until their slots are unlocked:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Dowsing ObjectHow to unlock
RupeesGo to Eldin Volcano and talk to the Mogma in the same room as the Lizalfos.
TreasuresUnlocks when you upgrade a number of items.
HeartsThe first time your health gets super low, press the down button to talk to Fi. She'll make it possible to locate Hearts.
Gratitude CrystalsLink must complete several sidequests.
Goddess CubesTalk to the Goron at the Eldin Volcano. After he mentions Goddess Cubes, Fi will unlock their detection.

Skyward Sword HD All 80 Gratitude Crystal locations

Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Floating Night Academy Links Room (Image credit: iMore)

Pro Tip: Solo Gratitude Crystals can only be found during the night at Skyloft.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
# RewardedLocationHow to get it
5Kukiel's houseAfter finding Kukiel, return to her parents' house and talk to Wryna to get your first five Gratitude Crystals.
10SkyloftTalk to Parrow near the Light Tower and he'll tell you his sister has gone missing. Fly in the direction of Fun Fun Island and you'll see an injured Loftwing on a floating island. Land and talk to Orielle. She'll tell you her bird needs medicine. Head back to Skyloft and talk to Parrow again to get an Empty Bottle. Put Mushroom Spores in the Empty Bottle and return to Orielle. She will give you five crystals. Return to Skyloft and talk to Parrow to get five more.
5Knight Academy's Haunted RestroomTo make this quest possible you'll first need to talk with Dovos sitting at the table in the Bazaar to hear a spooky tale. Next, talk to the kitchen woman in the Knight Academy to hear her spooky tale. Now, go to bed and make it nighttime. If Link goes to the bathroom, he'll hear someone asking for paper. Go back to sleep and make it day. Talk to Cawlin in the Knight Academy to get his love letter. You can either give the letter to the ghost in the bathroom or to Karane to get these Gratitude Crystals (the ghost route is funnier).
5Fledge's RoomTalk to Fledge at night and he'll ask you for Stamina Potions. Bring him Stamina Potions on two separate nights to get these crystals. You must have completed the Lanayru Mining Facility and gotten the Second Flame in Lanayru Desert for this sidequest to become available.
5Skyloft: Bertie and Luv's houseYou need the Clawshots and the Gust Bellows for these ones. Find Bertie (the Bazaar owner's husband) in his house at night to learn about his baby's missing rattle. Use the Clawshots to get on the floating islands above the Waterfall Cave. Now run and jump to land on the bird's nest on top of the windmill. Use the Gust Bellows to uncover the rattle. Return the baby rattle to Bertie to get your reward.
5Pumpkin LandingYou'll need to have broken the chandelier, completed Pumm's three jobs, and completed the Fire Sanctuary to get this one. Talk to Kina in the pumpkin patch at Pumpkin Landing to unlock dowsing. Head to the southern part of the Eldin Volcano and talk to Guld, the Mogma Elder in his volcano cone (Goddess Cube was here before). Scrapper will take him to the Sky and then you need to take him to Kina. You'll be rewarded when this is done.
5Fun Fun IslandThis one unlocks after you've fixed Scrapper and visited the Isle of Songs. Talk to Dodoh on Fun Fun Island and he'll tell you he lost his party wheel. Head to the Desert Entrance of Lanayru Province. Activate the crystal and then climb up the vines that appear. Jump and use the handholds to climb to the left. You'll find the wheel near the wall at the far end. Return it to Dodoh to get your reward.
5Skyloft: Sparrot's houseTalk to Sparrot the fortune teller after you've beaten the Imprisoned for the second time and he'll ask you to find a crystal ball. Go to the Earth Temple in Eldin. Head to the left in front of the building and use the Mogma Mits to dig up the hole. Now go up on the ledge above. Use the Clawshots on the target. Now examine the orb that's part of the temple. Return to Sparrow's house to get your Gratitude Crystals.
5Sky: Bug RockAfter the Thunderhead has been cleared up, fly to Bug Rock in the bottom left corner of the Thunderhead area and talk to Stritch. Now return to Skyloft and talk to Beedle to get invited to talk with him that night (sleep on his bed to make the time change). When you meet with him, he'll tell you his prized Beetle is missing. Fly back to Stritch on Bug Rock and complete his challenge to get the Horned Colossus Beetle. Now return the bug to Beedle to get Gratitude Crystals.
5Knight AcademyAfter you've completed the Faron's Song of the Hero quest return to the Knight Academy and talk to Owlan. You'll now need to go to Faron Woods and Dowse to get to an open area where the Kikwis meet. Talk to Oolo and Scrapper will take him into the Sky. Now return to the Owlan at the Knight Academy to get your crystals.
5Skyloft: Item Check shopWhen Petrice starts referring to you as her darling (happens after several days of talking to her so sleep in beds often), talk to her father Peater at night in his house. Now talk to Petrice again and she'll ask you to meet her at her house at night. You've got two choices here. Either meet with her and either break her heart and then talk to her father or tell her you love her repeatedly to get your reward.
5Skyloft: Pipit & Mallara's houseWhen you've acquired the Gust Bellows, talk to Mallara and she'll ask you to clean the dust from her house. Use Gust Bellows and she'll give you your reward.
1SkyloftCheck behind a tree near the pumpkin patch.
1Parrow and Orielle's houseIn Skyloft, head to Orielle's house next to the Bazaar and check the corners of the room.
1SkyloftGo through the Waterfall Cave and you'll find it waiting for you at the very end.
1Lumpy PumpkinGo to the second floor of the building on Pumpkin Landing.
1SkyloftOnce more go through the Waterfall Cave and look at the place where Groose was holding your Loftwing prisoner.
1Beedle's IslandSleep in Beedle's bed and make it night. Now, exit his Air Shop and use your Beetle tool to collect it.
1Pumpkin LandingCheck the pumpkin shed.
1Sparring Hall (Knight Academy)You'll need the Beetle to get this one. Shoot your Beetle into the ceiling. The Gratitude Crystal is on the middle rafter beam.
1SkyloftHead north of the Bazaar and jump down on a ledge.
1SkyloftHead southwest from the Knight Academy until you see some vines going down to a ledge below. Jump or climb down to get this one.
1SkyloftGo around the backside of Skyloft's Light Tower to grab it.
1SkyloftYou'll need the Double Clawshots or the Tough Beetle for this one. Go to the west side of Skyloft and you'll see a floating island with vines on it. You'll find this Gratitude Crystal sitting at the top of the waterfall. You can either Clawshot up to it or retrieve it by shooting the Tough Beetle at it.
1Knight AcademyCheck the plant on the second floor of the Knight Academy.
1Link's RoomFloating on the desk within Link's Room of the Knight Academy.
1Zelda's RoomYou'll need the Double Clawshots for this one. Climb on top of the Knight Academy and you'll see a Clawshot target on the chimney. Shoot and then drop into the chimney. Crawl through the passage until you drop into Zelda's Room. The Gratitude Crystal will be on the pillow in the middle of the room.

Skyward Sword HD Gratitude Crystal Rewards

Skyward Sword Hd Gratitude Crystal Batreaux (Image credit: iMore)

Finding all of the Gratitude Crystals takes a lot of work, but some of the rewards make it worth the effort.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Gratitude CrystalsReward
5Medium Wallet: Holds up to 500 Rupees
10Heart Piece: Collecting these increases Link's overall health
30Big Wallet: Holds up to 1,000 Rupees
Cursed Medal: When equipped Link has a greater chance of finding Rupees and Treasures. However, Link cannot use any other items while it's equipped. Place it in Item Check to null its effect.
40300 Rupees
50Giant's Wallet: Holds up to 5,000 Rupees.
70600 Rupees
80Tycoon Wallet: Holds up to 9,000 Rupees
Lifts Skyloft's curse: Enemies won't spawn at night anymore and Remlits don't transform into little demons.
Batreaux becomes human: Your demon friend turns back into his old self.

Rich with gratitude

Helping people throughout Skyloft will Increase your purse size and unlocking sweet goodies. Sometimes these tasks won't be the easiest thing in the world, but hopefully, our guide helped you through it.

Skyward Sword HD is currently one of six Zelda games on Nintendo Switch. If you're having trouble, check out our Skyward Sword boss guide.

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