Slices is a beautiful new iPhone Twitter client and it's unlike any Twitter client you've seen before. It's loaded with features, has a gorgeous look, and is extremely responsive. But its killer feature, and the reason for its name, is its ability to chop up your timeline into mini user-created feeds called Slices.

The first thing you're probably wondering is, how does a "Slice" differ from a "List"? Lists are something you create and maintain, and are stored on Twitter's servers as part of your Twitter account. Slices are also something you create and maintain, but they're stored on Slices' web site. That might sound redundant, and there's certainly a confusing amount of overlap, but in theory Slices should be faster, easier, more granular, and more powerful than Lists. For example, Slices does conveniently, automatically create Tech & Science, Celebs, and TV & Movies Slices. They'll also create carefully curated Slices around other things that might be of interest, like live events, let you carve up your timeline in mini-feed Slices, and offer you up a variety of other Slice categories.

Slices for Twitter is actually a very beautiful and fast Twitter client. A lot of thought was put into its design and it's incredibly responsive. One of my favorite features is that along the top of the timeline, there are tabs for home, mentions, and direct messages. Tapping one of these does not switch your timeline view, but quickly pops up a little box that displays the desired Tweets. If you want to change your main timeline view, you can do so via the left side-panel.

Slices also has a mute feature called Zip It. With Zip It, you can choose to have any user, #trend, or keyword temporarily hidden from your timeline. Unzipping is very easy and quick to do.

The Explore feature of Slices is a bunch of popular Twitter users separated into sections. Along the top is a left-to-right scrollable list of sections and tapping on one will show the users in that list. Some sections are further separated into categories. For example, the Sports section has categories for Headlines, NFL Football, Baseball, MBA basketball, etc. One of the sections that many people may find useful is Live Events.

Slices is available for free, but is ad-supported. The ads can be removed with an in-app purchase for $4.99. Unfortunately, Slices doesn't support push notifications.

The good

  • Gorgeous
  • Blazing fast
  • Explore sections and categories of users
  • Live Events stream
  • Shortcuts to you popups of your timeline
  • Zip It feature (mute)
  • Bookmark your favorite Twitters users and lists

The bad

  • Does not support push notifications
  • What's the advantage of creating a Slice?

The bottom line

The first thing that popped into my head when I launched Slices for Twitter was "ohhhh! Pretty!" I'm definitely a big fan of its looks. Next, I become incredibly confused (and still am) about the appeal of creating a Slice when I already have Lists. Further, why would I spend time creating a Slice when it's not going to be carried over to any other Twitter clients I may choose to use? But after I moved on and starting diving into everything else in Slices, I was continually more and more impressed. It's filled with the "little things" that, together, create a beautiful experience. Not to mention -- it's smoking fast. Since Slices is free to download, I recommend all Twitter users as least give it a try. What do you have to lose?

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