SlingPlayer for iPhone Coming Tonight, Wi-Fi Only, $29.99?

MacRumors may just -- finally -- have the scoop on the long anticipated, almost as long delayed SlingPlayer for iPhone:

In addition to full support of current Slingboxes (PRO-HD and SOLO), legacy Slingboxes, which include the Classic, AV, and TUNER, will work with the application but will not be officially supported. However, the application will supposedly be limited to streaming only over Wi-Fi connections. Previous demonstrations of the application by Sling Media had promised EDGE and 3G support, however it appears as though this will not be the case.

Maybe those rumors about AT&T not being keen on all that streaming video traffic hitting their network were true? Price is rumored to be $29.99.

So, SlingBox owners, is this the SlingPlayer for iPhone you wanted? Good, great, wait?

Rene Ritchie

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