This New Apple Home-enabled doorbell has facial recognition – and it can change your voice

Aqara Smart Doorbell G4
(Image credit: Aqara)

Smart Home accessory maker Aqara has unveiled and released a new smart video doorbell system today, imaginatively named the 'Smart Video Doorbell G4. It comes with support for Apple Home, and features facial recognition too, so its the whole smart doorbell package.

Aqara says the new Smart Video Doorbell G4 is "always around, even when you're not", so it looks like the smart doorbell is being touted as a kind of Apple Home-connected security guard. You can see why, as well. Aqara has packed some seriously cool next-gen features into the door frame-mounted camera and button, and it easily looks like it could rate amongst the best HomeKit doorbells.

Connecting up to the Home App on your iPhone or iPad, the doorbell will seamlessly join with the rest of your smart home to make you feel more secure.

Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4 - there's a voice changer

There are some big headline features for the Smart Video Doorbell G4 (apart from, you know. That ever-catchy name). Facial recognition is one of the biggest, as it brings with it support for HomeKit Secure Video. You can use this with Automations in the home app – when it recognizes that you've come home, for example, it could set the heating to a certain temperature, or turn on the hallway light. It'll record video with the same 1080p camera that it uses for facial recognition, and then save it in the HomeKit secure Video standard so that you can be alerted when someone comes to the door.

Our personal favorite feature is the voice changer. That means you can protect your identity when someone you don't know comes to the door, and you can remotely answer using a different voice. There are four options, including, Aqara tells us, "uncle and robot" so no Darth Vader, unfortunately.

Power-wise, it will last four months on a 6-battery pack, or you can wire it into a power transformer so it doesn't run out of battery. There's a chime repeater in the box as well that you can stick anywhere around the house should the internet go out, so you don't have to worry about missing a parcel in the event of an online blackout. We can't wait to get our hands on the Aqara Smart Video Doorbell, but until then, you can head to the Aqara website to pick one up for $119. It is also available on Amazon.

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